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Book worry-free & cancellation
conditions for winter 2020/2021

To make your vacation as worry-free as possible, we recommend that you take out European travel insurance.

The Europäische Reiseversicherung has decided to support tourism by including COVID-19 in the Reiseschutz .

Cancellation coverage even in the event of COVID-19 disease despite the pandemic status

Due to the improved situation, with immediate effect we will not classify COVID-19 as a pandemic and thus in the cancellation and travel interruption insurance as a reason for exclusion as long as the situation remains stable and there is no increased occurrence (second wave of infections) and thus worsening of the Measures in particular also the travel restrictions come.

As long as the situation remains stable, full cancellation insurance and travel interruption protection apply again. Cancellation cases in connection with COVID-19 are also covered, although COVID-19 is still classified as an epidemic or pandemic (WHO, Austrian health authorities, the pandemic exclusion according to the ERV-RVB is not objected for so long). This also applies to any travel interruption costs.

Concrete examples to explain the cancellation coverage

There is coverage in the event that you as an insured customer cannot commence or have to break off the trip,

  • because you will have an elevated temperature, even if a later test result is negative or you have tested positive for COVID-19 without showing any symptoms.
  • because you get COVID-19 symptoms.
  • because a close relative or a person living in the same household has developed COVID-19 and your presence is urgently required.
  • because a close relative in the joint household is sick with COVID-19 and you therefore have to go into quarantine.

However, there is no cancellation protection if you cannot or do not want to take the trip because you are a risk patient or - even as a risk patient - you are worried about infection due to the increasing number of cases at your holiday destination.